The Adventures of Maximus Gallery

The Adventures of Maximus is a 2D side scroller platformer game in which you play as a knight named, Maximus. Your goal is to avenge the death of your wife because of the greed of who was responsible for killing her.


Crystallo Gallery

Crystallo is a Roll-A-Ball Adventure game in which you play as, Orbart. Your goal is to grab the key at the end of each level to notify the Knights of the wizard's plan. Can you rescue the princess?


Boulder Rush

Boulder Rush is a Casual Endless Runner game in which you are to time your jumps to avoid the obstacles on the screen. As you progress, the game starts spawning each object faster to make the game more challenging. Can you avoid each object for more than 10 minutes?


Holiday Escape Gallery

Holiday Escape is a casual game in which you play a snowman trying to outrun a large snowball while grabbing as many ornaments and presents as possible to spread holiday cheer.

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